Automated Functional Testing

We offer a wide range of Selenium automated testing services, such as Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing, automation framework creation, integration with test management tools, etc.

Highlights of our flexible Selenium Web Testing services include:

  • Quick automation scripts facilitating bug reproduction and exploratory testing using Selenium IDE.
  • Robust regression automation targeting multiple platforms using Selenium WebDriver (successor of Selenium Remote Control).
  • Selenium test automation using the Programming Language of your choice (Java, PHP, C#,Perl, Python) for plugging into your engineering architecture with ease.
  • Wrapping Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Framework of your choice.
  • Customized reporting services using HTML.
  • Log generation to monitor stepwise testing.
  • Automation with data/keyword-driven & hybrid approaches.

Test Maturity Assessments

We assess an organization’s testing maturity, which is aimed at improving its testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency. Our solution gives you the versatility to understand the present position of your program, and provides you with strategies for advancing your program to where you want it to be. Our consultants take a holistic view of People, Process and Tools to capture the “as is” status of the processes through a comprehensive review and assessment.

The assessment method is customized to meet the requirements of the specific process / project / line of business. Observations and inferences are identified and reported to the sponsors and stakeholders. Assessment reports both the strengths and weakness associated with opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of Assessment

  • Quality Insights: We can provide you with peace of mind and assurance of a clear insight into the quality of your system
  • Improve Agility: Improve enterprise agility in IT business engagements
  • High Performance augmentation for QA Teams
  • Improve Value
  • Optimized use of existing resources: QA budgets, tools, environments and people